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Marie de Guzman

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We know people. We know resistance.

At its core your business relies on people. Resistance is a globally human condition that “pushes and pulls”. At its most destructive, resistance will limit your performance, decrease morale and erode value. And at its most constructive, resistance will aid your ability to innovate, adapt and succeed.

Understanding resistance begins with acknowledging that all humans process information in the same way – using a common set of neurobiological features. What makes us different is how we individually respond. To overcome resistance requires targeted understanding, planning and development.

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Strategic Neuroscientist Marie de Guzman shares her views on what resistance is and how organisations should be dealing with resistance.

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Discover how Neuronal Intelligence® helps you eliminate resistance and improve performance.

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Uncover the potential cost of resistance.

“Understanding where you have resistance is the starting point of business excellence. And eliminating resistance is what will deliver confidence and better results.”

Solutions you’ll love. Outcomes you need.

Neuronal Intelligence® helps organisations, boards, and teams eliminate resistance and improve performance through better strategic planning and leadership development.

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Razor sharp focus on what matters and “shifting mountains”.
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Gets you on track early.
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Having got focused and on track early - knowing what, how, when and where to adjust along the way - makes managing and improving easier.
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